It's time to get started.

Below you will see where your adventure can begin.
Then, watch the first video and follow the prompts at the end.
That's it! Choose your adventure.
Make different choices the second time.
Explore all the options. HAVE FUN!!!
Preschool version available

Episode 3: 
The Deserted Desert

Builders, start here! 
Welcome to the Deserted Desert!!!

Builders, to get out of the Deserted Desert
 you need to Choose 2, 4, 6 or you can use Smiley's Helpful Hint found at the Bottom of the page.

Choice 2

Choice 4

Choice 6

The Molten Meadows

Builders, to get out of the Cool Cactus Desert you need to Choose D, R, Y OR you can USE SMILEY'S HELPFUL HINT FOUND AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. 

Choice D

Choice R

Choice Y

The Western Wilderness

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Get a Helpful Hint from our Friend Smiley! Return to where you were in the Story when Finished.

Builders, change your adventure by going back through and making different choices or wait until next week's adventure, 
The Western Wilderness!