Factory Kids 

Fusion is available for drop off at 9:45am on Sunday Morning. After arriving at Jenks Church, please bring your child/children to The Factory. Let the attendant at The Factory Welcome Desk know your child’s/children’s name(s) and that your child/children have been Pre-Checked into Fusion. The attendant will attach a Check-In Sticker to the center of your child’s back and give you a copy.  The attendant will then escort your child to Fusion.
* Parents with Infants will be allowed to walk their child to Baby Builders and will receive an extra sticker for their Baby's bag.
** After Worship ends, please use your copy of the Check-In Sticker to check your child out of Fusion at The Factory Entrance.
*** For Convenience, 3-5th Graders can check themselves and their siblings out of Fusion after services unless otherwise directed.