Each week we will provide all kinds of fun and educational resources
to help your Little Builders learn more about Jesus AT HOME.

Some of the resources will include:
Live Action Learning with The BIG-Time Builders Show, Builder Bags with games, lessons, challenges, and crafts, Bible Stories, Worship Songs, AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!

Episode 16 - Showdown at The Factory
Being Thankful

Episode 15 - The Three Little Builders
 Learning to Make a Better World

Episode 14 - Federation Glue Guns
Learning to Admit your Mistakes

Episode 13 - Spooky Ratchet Straps
God can always Turn Things Around 

Episode 12 - Finding Foreman Dave
Be Patient and Just Keep Working

Episode 11 - Goofy Grease Guns
Dreaming Big

Episode 10 - The SUPER-Tool
Seeing Potential in Others Rather Than Progress

Episode 9 - The Jaws Tool Box
Forgiving People who Hurt your Feelings

Episode 8 - The Em-Pliars Strike Back
Lying doesn't make you Awesome 

Episode 7- Neighborly Paint Sprayers
Working Well with Others

Episode 6 - Gold Star Generators
Work/Play/Rest Balance

Episode 5 - Mega Double Super Team Sawzalls
The Value of Teamwork 

Episode 4 - Friendly Fire Extinguishers
Learning to make Friends

Episode 3 - Hot Air Shop Vacs
Don't be a Bully

Episode 2 - Red Hot Flood Lights
Dealing with Frustration

Episode 1 - Lightning Quick Chainsaws
Learning to Listen

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