David Paladin  
Children’s Minister 

The Factory

The Factory is a unique children’s program that incorporates elements of hands on activities, performance based lessons, family outings and parent support with a focus on children enjoying the process of meeting Jesus on their level while making the experience as fun as possible.

We have two big goals here at the Factory. The first is to make sure our children are as safe as possible. The second is to create an unforgettable immersive experience for the children. We are currently in the process of renovating the Factory to better accomplish these goals.

The Insanity of the Fish and the Fishers of Men

9am Sunday Mornings ~ 2 Years – 6th Grade
Kids learn how to serve their friends, family and community by exploring the stories of Jonah and the Apostles of Jesus. Every week, there are new projects to teach the kids how to serve. 


10:15am Sunday Mornings ~ 2 Years – 6th Grade
Each Sunday morning during worship, children are invited to participate in Fusion. Children are dismissed after they lead us in a contribution/donation to help needy individuals in our community. In Fusion, kids enjoy songs and take part in an interactive Bible narrative. The kids are also able to earn Bible Tickets to purchase prizes by learning the Major Characters and Events of the Bible.

Staffed Nursery

9-11am Sunday Mornings ~ Birth – 24 Months
We want parents to have an opportunity to take part in classes and worship. While parents are taking part in these activities, little ones are cared for in a loving environment by our nursery volunteers. Parents are contacted as necessary.

The Book of U!

7pm Wednesday Evenings ~ 2 Years – 6th Grade
Kids learn how to share the story of the Bible in a fun creative way. Through imagination, the kids explore a world without the Bible and fight against a group of meanies trying to stop God’s story from being shared in any shape or form. It’s up to the kids to make sure the world can still know God’s story and His Son, Jesus.

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Let us know you are visiting our Factory Page. The first ten people who text the answer to the following question to 772-559-6221 will receive a $5.00 gift card to Chick-Fil-a. What kid’s toy do our kids use to construct Bible Stories?