Teach Us To Pray: Day 4

Pray For Our Leaders

1 Timothy 2:1-4

God puts leaders over us for our benefit, and their decisions can significantly impact our circumstances. This is one reason the Bible tells us to pray for those in authority over us from our parents and pastors to our employers and government officials.
Even if we don’t like or disagree with the leaders in our lives, we can still pray for them. We pray for them to have the wisdom and strength to obey God and lead us well.
When those in authority are obeying God’s will, it’s much easier for us to live peaceful and quiet lives. When they are not obeying God, we pray for their salvation and God’s guidance in their choices, as well as for protection from spiritual warfare.
  • Have you experienced the blessing of being under a good leader? What are some ways that person’s leadership reflected God’s character and leadership?
  • Who are the wise people in authority over you now? How would your life be different without their leadership? Consider how their counsel has helped you, and thank God for putting them in those positions. 
  • We can all take good leaders for granted. Do you forget to pray for your leaders if things are going well for you?
  • How do you respond to your leaders when life is difficult? Is there anything you need to change in how you react to immature, chaotic, or new leadership?
  • Do you ever refuse to pray for someone in charge because you dislike their personality or politics? How do you think God feels about that attitude?
  • What kind of leader do you want to serve under? Ask God to give those characteristics to the people over you.
  • Are there big decisions facing your church, your school, your work, or the country? Ask God to give wisdom and discernment to the leaders who will be making those calls. 
  •  What, if anything, challenged you today as you prayed for your leaders? Allow God to speak to you about your heart toward your leaders, and to reveal anything else He wants you to pray for them. 
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