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Wednesday nights

We meet upstairs at the Church from 6:00-7:30 pm every Wednesday. Join us for games, worship with our student band, teaching and small group time that applies to your life, and community that everyone needs!  

Sunday night Small groups

Get Connected. Go Deeper.

We host small group gatherings for Middle School the first and third Sunday of every month. And High School the second and fourth Sundays. It's an awesome time for teens to get to know each other better and build relationships that make an impact on their faith journey.
Check our "Upcoming Events" under the "Ministries" tab for house addresses and more information about Sunday Night Small Groups

Current Wednesday Night Series

Your heart rate starts to rise, your shoulders tense up, you just can’t seem to shake the feeling of dread that comes over you… anxiety. Anxiety is something that more and more students are struggling with and answers like "just trust your burdens with God" or "pray harder" don't solve the problem. So we're going to get real about anxiety and try to provide practical answers to serious problems. By the end of this series, students will be encouraged to take steps through the difficult feelings that so many of us face. We know anxiety is at an all-time high but what, if anything, does God do to help us? Let’s talk about it as we raise the bar on the conversation about anxiety.

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