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How can we pray for you?

We would be honored to pray for you or someone you know. Our team prays for all the prayer requests we receive on a regular basis.

Join us in praying for the following:

  • Tony Littrell -  Tony is in the hospital. He does not have sepsis and is being weened off the ventilator.
  • Heather Camper - Heather is recovering from hip surgery. She will be on crutches for a few more weeks.
  • Clay Peevyhouse - Clay will have knee surgery on the 22nd.
  • Staci Woodruff - Staci started a new job. She will also be having some procedures in the fall but is unsure of the timing.
  • Craig Family - The Craigs are going on a trip Wednesday. Prayers that flights won't be cancelled.
  • John Rampy - John has been in the hospital for 6 months from Covid and pneumonia.
  • Marilyn - Beverly Peevyhouse's cousin, Marilyn, may have cancer.
  • Morgan - Kim Evans niece, Morgan, is dealing with mental health issues. She is currently in treatment.