The Climb

K-12th Grade will combine for a 3 week promotion event starting on Wednesday, July 21st. Factory Families come out and support Kids in The Factory and The JCS as they compete, have fun and work together to develop cross generational relationships.

July 21st: A little friendly competition between the JCS and The Factory.
July 28th: Water Night: Inflatable Water Slides and Obstacles Course.
August 4th: The Climb: All the kids work together to make it up the side of a "Mountain" (Steep Hill) with an encouraging message at the end. 

* If you have not Filled out a 2021-22 medical Waviver for your Builders, Please do so before leaving them at this event.

Sunday Morning
 Fusion Check-In

Wednesday Night 
The Villain's Origin Stories 

***Will Return on August 11th after the Conclusion of the Climb***

Villains don't usually start out as villains. Poor Choices and bad decissions lead to them becoming the Villains when they could have easily been the Hero of the Story. The Builders will look at classic Villans and Bible Villains while completing crafts, games and Activities to help them learn how to make better Choices and end up as the Hero of Their Story. 

Wednesday Night Schedule

Build Meal: 6 - 6:25pm
Rotating Weekly Meal Schedule - 1st Wed: PB&Js; 2nd Wed: Corn Dogs; 3rd Wed: Pizza; 4th Wed: Chicken Nuggets; 5th Wed: Mac & Cheese
All Meals will be served with Chips and Kool-Aid
Class: 6:30 - 7:30pm 
Supervised Free Play: 7:30 - 8pm

The Factory Online Shows

Throughout the year, we release new shows for your child to enjoy at home. The shows are as fun as they are educational and feature stories of Famous Bible Builders while focusing on dealing with issues your child faces every day in our world.

Welcome to The Factory 

The Factory is a unique children’s program that incorporates elements of hands on activities, performance based lessons, family outings and parent support with a focus on children enjoying the process of meeting Jesus on their level while making the experience as fun as possible.

We have two big goals here at the Factory. The first is to make sure our children are as safe as possible. The second is to create an unforgettable immersive experience for the children. We are currently in the process of renovating the Factory to better accomplish these goals.



 2 Years – 5th Grade
 Sundays 10am 
Fusion is a time for kids to enjoy songs, games, lessons and take part in an interactive Bible narrative. The kids are also able to earn Builder Bucks to purchase prizes by learning the Major Characters and Events of the Bible.

Choose Your Own Adventure/
Little Builder Adventures

2 Years – 5th Grade
Anytime during the week, Families can enjoy the these two age appropriate programs from their own living room. Kids will learn fun lessons to help them with real life issues they face with friends, families, school and so much more.

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