Teach Us To Pray: Day 9
May 6th, 2020
In Exodus 6, God promises to save Israel from slavery. He promises to free them and redeem them, to make them His people and bring them into a new land. So many years later, we read the rest of the Ol...  Read More
Teach Us To Pray: Day 8
May 5th, 2020
It is not selfish to pray for yourself. Praying for yourself is part of being fully surrendered and obedient to God. How can we know God if we don’t talk with Him about what matters to us?...  Read More
Teach Us To Pray: Day 7
May 4th, 2020
No two families are identical, yet our heavenly Father had His hand in creating each and every one. Family was God’s design. Just as He created each of us, He created the people we were born to and th...  Read More
Teach Us To Pray: Day 6
May 3rd, 2020
When you’ve prayed, believed, served, sweated, and celebrated together, you develop a love and trust for one another. ...  Read More
Teach Us To Pray: Day 5
May 2nd, 2020
Living in light of the kingdom — Jesus’ forever rule over creation — gives us an eternal hope. It allows us to stop being satisfied with what we see and start believing what can be....  Read More
Teach Us To Pray: Day 4
May 1st, 2020
Even if we don’t like or disagree with the leaders in our lives, we can still pray for them. We pray for them to have the wisdom and strength to obey God and lead us well....  Read More
Teach Us To Pray: Day 3
April 30th, 2020
At every age and stage, let’s encourage and build the faith of those coming behind us by sharing how we have seen God at work through the years....  Read More
Teach Us To Pray: Day 2
April 29th, 2020
Despite our differences, we are called to be unified. So when one person suffers, the others feel it. When one person rejoices, others are lifted up. Each member of the church is integral to the next....  Read More
Teach Us To Pray: Day 1
April 28th, 2020
If you’ve ever been intimidated by prayer, you’re not alone. We want the peace, power, and confidence that comes from talking to God. But we often don’t know where to start or what to say....  Read More
Grieving? Here's How To Survive The Holidays
December 9th, 2019
What do you do when the happiest season of all doesn’t seem happy at all?Whether it’s a scary medical diagnosis, the loss of a relationship or death of someone you love, a traumatic season of life can...  Read More
How To Give The Best Gift Ever This Chrsitmas
December 7th, 2019
Human beings are attracted to beauty. We aspire to attain it, and once we think we have it, we fight to hold on to it.The standards of beauty, however, are fleeting. Often what we expended a great dea...  Read More
How To Have The Best Christmas Ever!
December 4th, 2019
Close your eyes and picture the perfect Christmas. The smell of fresh-baked goods filling the house. The tree glistening with perfectly hung lights and a fire crackling as the kids play with new toys....  Read More