When do Connect Groups meet?

Connect Groups meet at various times and days. Once you give us your information and preferences, we will help you find the best available group.

How am I placed in a Connect Group?

Based off the information you provide, our staff will help you find the best available group.

What will we talk about in my Connect Group?

Every Connect Group will be able choose from dozens of video series, books or discussion guides. However, as you get to know each other and share life together, there will be weeks when formal discussion goes out the window and you just need to process what's going on in the lives of your Connect Group.

How big are the Connect Groups?

Including leaders, each Connect Group will start out with 10 people total. The group will then be encouraged to reach 14 people. As the group grows, new leaders will emerge and be trained in order to develop a new group.

Do Connect Groups offer childcare?

Yes. Some Connect Groups meet on Wednesday evenings.
This allows for children to be dropped off at the building and participate in children or youth activities.
Children age birth to 5th grade will be able to be checked in to The Factory (our children's area) starting at 6pm and will participate in age appropriate activities until your group is finished or up to 8pm.
6th - 12th graders will attend The 99 (Youth Group) at this time as well.
Feel free to contact David Paladin (children) or Caleb Hatchett (youth) for more details. If this time does not work for your Connect Group, then arrangements will need to be made based off of what is best for the group.

Can I change Connect Groups?

Yes. We want everyone to be part of a group that they love. While it is our hope that every group creates life long connections, we understand that factors like needs, personalities, schedules and preferences affect which Connect Group works best for you. If you get to a place where you feel like it's time for a change, simply contact Heath Agnew.